Job Training

Pathways to Employment

One-year program designed to assist people in identifying a vocational or career goal through exploration and experience, learning basic computer skills, creating job boards, resume writing, interviewing, while attending weekly classes.

People are matched with an employment counselor who will observe and interview the individual to gain perspective on their personality, interests and abilities.  Friends and family also will be interviewed to enhance this assessment and to ensure the best employment outcome.

Empower’s Pathways to Employment looks at what the person does at home, in the community, and during programming, that could translate into employable skills.

Following these interviews, the person engages in career discovery and hands on experiences within real life employment through internships, apprenticeships and volunteering opportunities.

Employment counselors will also introduce the person to important employer expectations such as: appropriate work place behavior, workplace etiquette, handling stress, proper hygiene, acceptable dress, community skills, travel training, and on-site job/volunteer experience coaching.

The goal is for a person to achieve the greatest level of independence possible. Upon completion of Pathways to Employment program (within 12 months), individuals will have the following:

  • Stated career objective
  • Detailed career plan to use as a guide for employment supports and preparation for supported employment services
  • Allowable experiences to include in a resume

Who is eligible:

  • People who are interested in competitive employment
  • People enrolled in day habilitation, pre-vocational or supported employment services
  • Students leaving high school who are enrolled in the Home and Community Based Waiver (HCBS)

For more information or to participate, please contact the Empowered to Work office at (716) 299-0851.