Empower is proud to be accredited by the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL).

The Council on Quality and Leadership is an international not-for-profit, virtual organization dedicated to the definition, measurement and improvement of personal quality of life. CQL’s vision is a world of dignity, opportunity and community for all people.

CQL’s prestigious Basic Assurances Accreditation confirms that Empower embraces person-centered solutions to improve the quality of life for people receiving supports and services.

When Empower decided to pursue CQL accreditation, we undertook a rigorous process to review and improve supports and services. Throughout the process, we have worked to empower people who receive supports to pursue what really matters in their lives, and achieve their personally defined outcomes. CQL accreditation is a journey, not a destination — we will always be working to become a better organization.

Empower has been awarded accreditation by committing to excellence in 46 specific areas of practice, within 10 broad Basic Assurances categories:

    We welcome the input of the people we support, their families, our associates, our board members, our funders, our collaborators and other stakeholders. To learn more about Empower’s CQL accreditation plan or to make suggestions, please send us an email.

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    Rights Protection and Promotion
    The organization implements policies and procedures that promote people’s rights.
    The organization supports people to exercise their rights and responsibilities.
    Staff recognize and honor people’s rights.
    The organization upholds due process requirements.
    Decision-making supports are provided to people as needed.
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    Dignity and Respect
    People are treated as people first.
    The organization respects people’s concerns and responds accordingly.
    People have privacy.
    Supports and services enhance dignity and respect.
    People have meaningful work and activity choices.
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    Natural Support Networks
    Policies and practices facilitate continuity of natural support systems.
    The organization recognizes emerging support networks.
    Communication occurs among people, their support staff and their families.
    The organization facilitates each person’s desire for natural supports.
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    Protection from Abuse, Neglect, Mistreatment and Exploitation
    The organization implements policies and procedures that define, prohibit and prevent abuse, neglect, mistreatment and exploitation.
    People are free from abuse, neglect, mistreatment and exploitation.
    The organization implements systems for reviewing and analyzing trends, potential risks and sentinel events including allegations of abuse, neglect, mistreatment and exploitation, and injuries of unknown origin and deaths.
    Support staff know how to prevent, detect and report allegations of abuse, neglect, mistreatment and exploitation.
    The organization ensures objective, prompt and thorough investigations of each allegation of abuse, neglect, mistreatment and exploitation, and of each injury, particularly injuries of unknown origin.
    The organization ensures thorough, appropriate and prompt responses to substantiated cases of abuse, neglect, mistreatment and exploitation, and to other associated issues identified in the investigation.
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    Best Possible Health
    People have supports to manage their own health care.
    People access quality health care.
    Data and documentation support evaluation of health care objectives and promote continuity of services and supports.
    Acute health needs are addressed in a timely manner.
    People receive medications and treatments safely and effectively.
    Staff immediately recognize and respond to medical emergencies.
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    Safe Environments
    The organization provides individualized safety supports.
    The physical environment promotes people’s health, safety and independence.
    The organization has individualized emergency plans.
    Routine inspections ensure that environments are sanitary and hazard free.
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    Staff Resources and Supports
    The organization implements a system for staff recruitment and retention.
    The organization implements an ongoing staff development program.
    The support needs of individuals shape the hiring, training and assignment of all staff.
    The organization implements systems that promote continuity and consistency of direct support professionals.
    The organization treats its employees with dignity, respect and fairness.
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    Positive Services and Supports
    People’s individual plans lead to person-centered and person-directed services and supports.
    The organization provides continuous and consistent services and supports for each person.
    The organization provides positive behavioral supports to people.
    The organization treats people with psychoactive medications for mental health needs consistent with national standards of care.
    People are free from unnecessary, intrusive interventions.
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    Continuity and Personal Security
    The organization’s mission, vision and values promote attainment of personal outcomes.
    The organization implements sound fiscal practices.
    Business, administrative and support functions promote personal outcomes.
    The cumulative record of personal information promotes continuity of services.
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    Basic Assurances System of Accountability
    The organization has policies and procedures that monitor the presence of each basic assurance.
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