Community Housing

Empower Staff Recruitment Soars, #BFair2DirectCare Delivers Needed Pay Increases

At a time when most disability service providers have vacancy rates as high as 30%, Empower hired 40 new direct care staff since January 1.  This ensures that the people we support receive the highest quality care, lowers stress faced by current staff  and keeps overtime costs down.

Another step forward for Community Housing direct care workers are two upcoming pay raises-one in January 2020 and in April 2020-that were achieved thanks to the #BFair2DirectCare effort of which Empower is a part.

Empower Recognizes its Nurses


People supported by Empower’s Community Housing division receive excellent care thanks to our dedicated nurses who always go above and beyond to ensure the health and well-being of their patients.  Thank you, nurses, for your hard work and commitment to the people we support.

Appreciation Lunch Held for Middle Managers

On Wednesday, March 27, Empower’s leadership showed middle managers of all divisions, including Community Housing, their appreciation by making and serving them a home cooked lunch.  Our managers are responsible for the well being of the people we support.  They accept additional tasks without complaint and help each other when needed, always ensuring that the people we support feel cared for and loved.  Thank you, managers, for all that you do.