Children’s Academy

WKBW Visits Empower Children’s Academy

WKBW Reporter Thuy Lan Nguyen stopped by Empower Children’s Academy to do a story on the integration benefits of having students with and without disabilities learn alongside one another.

Integration is perhaps the preschool’s greatest unknown strength. In classes where typically-developing students learn with preschoolers with a disability, lessons extend beyond traditional early education curriculum to include empathy and acceptance. Having the opportunity to experience and strengthen empathy and acceptance increases their social-emotional skills, which is are the skills kindergarten teachers say students need most to succeed in their classrooms.

Thuy Lan did a great job telling the story of how Empower Children’s Academy teachers like Shaila Kokil work with students in the classroom to build these skills through breathing exercises and collaborative learning. Thuy Lan also showcased another tool available to students who need to calm down or focus which is the sensory room.

Empower thanks Thuy Lan for helping us get the work out about Empower Children’s Academy. If you are interested in enrolling your child in our school, please call us at (716) 297-1478 or visit our website.