Keys to Program Success

Program success was attributed to the personalized approach taken; Robin Stevens got to know each family prior to the first class and modified lessons based on students’ individual needs and goals.

The instructors’ fluid and collaborative approach also was critical to the programs’ positive impact on students as students’ individual characteristics dictated the groups’ dynamics and workshops’ and final performances’ structures.  Ms. Bri never lost her temper with students and used only positive reinforcement.  When students wandered away or when they were disruptive, instructors listened to their needs and calmly redirected students back to the lessons when they were ready.

Joe, who is 21 and who also has autism, assisted Robin and Ms. Bri during lessons and final performances.  Students in both cohorts responded very well to having an older student who also has autism go through the classes with them, mentoring and instructing them throughout the process.  More mentors will be sought in future cohorts.