Children’s Academy

Continuing to Support Students

Learning packets were delivered to students' home by Children's Academy staff in early April

Learning packets were delivered to students’ home by Children’s Academy staff in early April

Although the halls in our school are quiet, staff, including teachers and therapists, stay in touch with students and families. Sending out messages of encouragement, creating and delivering learning packets to students’ homes and implementing remote learning and communication options are all ways that Empower Children’s Academy ensures that students continue to learn and make progress in their therapies.

Autism Family Support Group Phone Chats Offered in Place of In-Person Meetings


Recognizing that families of children with autism still need supports even if it is not possible to meet in person, Empower Children’s Academy, in collaboration with The Parent Network, set up meetings by phone at set times so this support group can continue to connect and receive supports. In May, the group will connect on May 4 and May 18 at 7 pm. Those interested can participate by calling 716-332-4112 and entering the password 1234#.